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Collecting all JE English subs into one place ^^

Community Information
This community is for all the English Johnny's Entertainment fansubbing groups and for the people who love to watch them. XD
There are more than a handful of fansubbers who are dedicated to the various Johnny's Entertainment artists out there. With the amount of videos to sub or have been subbed, it's difficult to keep track of. So, here's a simple solution (I like simple, less thinking. Lol): Place all subbed releases, current and future projects, project announcements, recruitment and so on, in one place.
All videos are welcome, including dramas. All subbing groups who are releasing or have released at least one JE related video can post. It's all about the boys! ^^
Please note that NONE of these fansubs are to be rented or sold. We are not making money out of this. It's simply for the fans, by the fans. We strongly urge you to support the boys, by parting with your money for the originals. Yes, I know, JE makes us all poor. XD
If you're not part of a fansub group but sub on your own, let me know and I'll give you posting access too. ^^
If you want to join a fansub group... well, pick one. XD See if they're open to new members and what level they're looking for. Some don't mind doing the training themselves. If you only want to work on a certain project, talk to the relevant fansub group you're interested in. ^^

For a list of groups, projects, more info and so on... CLICK THIS

Not a lot of rules here really. Lol. As Shoon, Ryo and various others put it: "Simple is best."
So, here's as simple as it gets. Lol.
1 - Posting: Only fansubbers are allowed to make new posts (but everyone can comment lol).
2 - Requests: liked by some groups, hated by others. Requests depend on the fansub groups, so it's best to approach them separately, and be polite. If you don't know who to approach, head to the GENERAL REQUESTS so any group willing to work on it can reply.
3 - Comments: Generally optional (unless stated otherwise in their own posts), but definitely appreciated. If you took it, or you like it, say so. It doesn't take long to say thank you while it took more than a bit of their time to sub it.
4 - Credits: You always must give credit. It's only polite.
5 - Following rules: Every fansub team will have their own set of rules. Please abide by them.
6 - Interaction: Be respectful, nice and civil. That should go without saying really. No arguments, rudeness or anything else of that sort. ^^

Posting Access // Posting Guidelines
If you're part of a fansub team or are a subber yourself and don't have posting access, you can let me know by LEAVING A COMMENT HERE. ^^ After I confirm who you are, I'll give you posting access. :D

There's no specific template of how to post, and I'm sure you're all aware of how to post properly anyway lol.
The only requirement is to place your subteam name at the start of the subject (eg. [BNS] or [KBs] or if you're a solosubber, put in [Solo] because your LJ name is listed when you post anyway). After that, just make sure that you clarify what you're posting about - announcements, releases, projects, etc - both in the subject and in the post itself.
Use LJ cuts.
Banners, teasers, and so on, are welcome, just please don't stretch the page. XD Meaning, you can place one (or if you're smart, a small collage XD) outside the cut.

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If I missed anyone out and would like to be added, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT HERE. ^^ I'll be glad to add you!! :D:D


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